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@molly_struve , @vaidehijoshi , @emmabostian , @aspittel , @etagwerker , @tlakomy , @dabit3 , @ben , @avdi , @joshpuetz

There are so many more people that I should include here, but these are the ones that came to mind first.


Awe, thanks Jacob! Just trying to keep it real ✌️


Thanks Jacob, and since you didn't mention yourself I will! Definitely follow!


Thanks Catalin, oh, and if anyone is reading this, you gotta follow Catalin, he's been on absolute fire and provides me with daily motivation and inspiration. All of these other people he mentioned are also stellar and I'm honored to be mentioned next to them.


Thanks for the mention, Catalin. I feel honored to be mentioned among such great devs and awesome human beings.


The best is not to follow developers but community. Most of the time tweets are personal and waste but tweets tagged to communities are good source.

Follow Twitter account of, Ubuntu, Linux, Google etc. There you can find good active developers ...


Yes, and now on Twitter, you can follow topics.

Nevertheless, I would recommend to follow @dhh, creator of Ruby on Rails and founder of Basecamp. He always speaks his mind, and it is refreshing. :-)

I love this recent one from him for instance :

And me of course if you want to have news about AppSec. But I would recommend to follow me on ;-)


I agree with this. I'm quite a technical person but most of the time I use Twitter just to discuss current affairs or talk to Yorkshire Tea. It can be hard to only post technical stuff, and to do so regularly enough to "be relevant". It becomes almost like managing a brand. It would've taken me longer to write something useful about ESP8266 than it took me to fix an issue I had with it yesterday, so I didn't tweet about it.


@wesbos @monicalent @hhg2288 @ryanchenkie @b0rk @AnjanaVakil @weibenfalk @kyleshevlin @sarah_edo @jsjoeio @manuelbieh @emmabostian @dan_abramov @cszhu @abbyfuller @toddmotto @bendhalpern @aspittel @hugojmd @stolinski

Most of them have Software Development content in their timelines but sometimes they post about their struggles, their downfalls, their new jobs or evens jokes, always with respect and cheering others in beign better developers. For me thats the type of people I want to read on my TL.


Thank you for mentioning me here. I'm glad for all the support I can get and truly grateful that you like my content.

Here's my channel for anyone that's interested. =)

Thanks again.


Hmm, I do have a few. I regularly enjoy posts from @molly_struve, @vaidehijoshi, @NoBugsHare, @bendhalpern (of course!), @MissAmaraKay, @munificentbob, and @gregcons.

I'm sure there are many more, but it's hard to distill my Twitter feed quickly. :P

Also, shameless self-promotion: I post original, mostly programming-related content on a daily basis: @codemouse92


I second Robert Nystrom (@munificentbob), been following his work (projects, books) for many years now.


You can follow me! I'm @0x12b on twitter πŸ˜…

People I follow include @molly_struve , @degoodmanwilson , @danicat8, @editingemily , @malwareunicorn, @bubblewire, @floordrees, @kelset , @mipsytipsy , @goinggodotnet, @nataliepis, @coralineada


@notch, the only reason to have twitter.

But while you're at it, might as well follow:

(don't be afraid to click, the links take you to 🐦, not


Follow me for that sweet sweet content


Disappointingly, this embed is not an iframe.


Been building up my list for a while. Some are are writers, others have a unique perspective, slight chance of some solid Animal Crossing content (sorry)

@ChloeCondon @ReinH @markdalgleish @aarondjents @blackroomsec @DynamicWebPaige @IanColdwater

The list goes on and on but these are some of the names I see the most and offer a lot of great stuff. And of course if you still aren't following people like @SwiftOnSecurity, @hacks4pancakes, or @cassidoo you're really missing out.


@shanselman can be all over the page but the volume of questions he gets and actually answers is awesome.


(insert shameless promotion of my twitter account here) πŸ˜›



Ofc me :P @arifcodes

Also you can follow Fatih Arslan his author of vim-go @fatih



tech for me is not the same as dev :)

tech, for example, is @MKBHD or LTT
dev for example wesbos and ben halpern :)


I have been updating a list of accounts that are posting interesting coding related stuff: The list


@dhh Creator of Ruby on Rails, but mostly for beign a fresh take against common "wisdom".


β€œ100 of the Best Engineers, Developers, Coders, and Entrepreneurs to Follow Online” by Jana Bergant
And also me ofcourse


Axel Rauschmeier (JavaScript Guru in Munich/Germany)

Classic DEV Post from Jul 26 '19

🎩 JavaScript Enhanced Scss mixins! 🎩 concepts explained

In the next post we are going to explore CSS @apply to supercharge what we talk about here....

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