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Usually IDK what to put or how am I going to introduce myself so:
Nelson, self-taught webdev student at FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, eDX among others platforms which are useful to practice. Mostly I spend my time reading about everything but I like politics, economics and code which was my first love (aww!) in high school but go to university was expensive doing CS, so I did my second passion (politics and economics) and finished my BA in International Relations.

Now I'm practicing (not a lot as I would like) in order to build something awesome but in the meantime, I want to help NGOs to build something. Oh, I write about bitcoins at Bitcoinlandia in spanish, something like a personal blog or something.


We definitely have users who understand Spanish that I'm sure would be interested in reading your Bitcoin posts.


They're welcome if they like to write also, my programming concepts about Bitcoin are very basic.

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