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Are you a fan of GatsbyJS and Visual Studio Code? Do you have some great code snippets that could be useful for others?

Consider contributing them to Gatsby Snippets.

nickytonline / vscode-gatsby-snippets

Visual Studio Code code snippets for use with the GatsbyJS static site generator for React.

Gatsby Snippets

Snippets for GatsbyJS.

Gatsby JS snippets in action

Release Notes


  • Changed the name of the package to Gatsby Snippets


  • Updated cheesy logo


Added GatsbyJS graphql image fragment snippets.


Added list of shortcuts.


Added cheesy icon.


Added the GatbsyJS markdown page snippet.


Initial release.

Gatsby Markdown snippets shortcuts

Press Ctrl+Space (Windows, Linux) or Cmd+Space (OSX) to see a list of Markdown snippets

Snippet Output
ga creates a new article
gp creates a new page

Working with Markdown

Here are some useful editor keyboard shortcuts:

  • Split the editor (Cmd+\ on OSX or Ctrl+\ on Windows and Linux)
  • Toggle preview (Shift+CMD+V on OSX or Shift+Ctrl+V on Windows and Linux)

More information

Gatsby Graphql snippets shortcuts

These snippets require embedded graphql syntax support. You can enable support by installing gatsby-extension-pack.

Gatsby Image sharp snippets

Snippet Output
gfi ...GatsbyImageSharpFixed
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