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Programming in Basic on a VIC 20 and playing video games on my friend's Commodore 64 that were on audio cassettes.

Also, programing in Logo in elementary school.

Mickey Mouse playing piano

Old school. 💪

Side note: Years later at a job, I discovered that one of my peers, much older than me, helped build the Logo programming language. 🤯


I'm technically a minor and I remember both Logo and BASIC from elementary school. And <font>.


I did some Logo back in primary school. Those were the days, just pushing the turtle around the screen and making sweet graphics.

That's kind of amazing you got to work with one of the creators!


It was such a fun way to program in elementary school. And of course, someone ported it to JS, because Atwood's Law.


I was between saying logo and dhtml but went for cgi-scripts instead 😂

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