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re: I really hope not.. Typescript, has its usecases, but without native support it is almost pointless to me. Too much setup. The easier debugging i...

For sure it can promote large corp style OOP. Perhaps, and I have no data for this, just my musings, is that Angular promoted this once they adopted TypeScript. DI, classes, decorators etc...

I've been using TypeScript in React and browser extensions and almost never use OOP. The only time I've really used classes in React was for components that required state. Aside from that rarely, and now that hooks are stable and able, function components would be the way to go for new work.

Having said that, OOP is not a bad thing. Just like anything, people can do bad things 😉


I am mostly against OOP, for a number of reasons that would longwinded and off topic. :)

I my world, the TS gains do not outweigh the layers of complexity added to all parts of the developing process from developer skills to the libraries and build systems we use today.

It is unnecessary for most things, so why bother with it?

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