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4 reasons why you should use Magento for your online business!

Magento is an open source which is given out for free in all over the world. Magento has been released for few years from now, and it has become one of the open sources which come up to the best standard. Its current versions released are very stable in term of performance and features which are innovative to keep up with the development of the market. We have had chances to approach and work with Magento for 2 years. In addition, we used it to make our own retail tools for 1 year. We find it great when using Magento for online business.
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So why is Magento the best tool to build the website system??? There are four advantages in creating a website as an online store from Magento.

First, there are many best features inside Magento:

Magento passed from the limited functionality of open source and then it is the most useful features in a free version, of which the most prominent include:

o Wishlists: Share, store products, the list of products for each user.

o Multi store/mall feature: Many shops, warehouses, points of sale

o Email lists: Email list, filtering, sorting and storage, service of Marketing.

o Compare products: Compare, compare products..

o Bundle/Grouped/Digital products & more: Package, group products, individual attributes for each product

o CMS system for static pages: static page help design independent of system products, creates customized for each sales strategy.

o Good SEO performance: Optimize existing search tools, built-in SEO-Advanced searching: Advanced search and custom search, help you navigate the user.

o Layered/Filter navigation: Automatically create smart filters, custom filter for each particular situation helps to show products, search products wisely.

Secondly, APP & Sync connection:

How to synchronize data between software you’ve got and a brand new website? Specially, Magento is concentrated in this system. Only by a few small steps in addon form, you will get the result you request. This distinguish point in Magento is different other open source which is missed by some businesses.

The third, Code structure:

Magento was designed optimally right from the 1stversion. There is a clear distinction between code”core” and code”community”. It means that you can install the other extension by using Modules of Addon without affecting to Magento when it will be upgraded in the future. This is a great advantage which is valued by the experts and users. Many users are ready to change from the previous open source through Magento without getting any problems.

Finally, Community & Assistance:

Magento is an open source which is concerned by an active community, both users and developers, many of whom are Magento experts. There have been a large number of free and commercial magento extensions built which allow you upgrade your shop in many ways with many third-party services and from the system development. Nowadays, there has more 1700 new extensions released which help to design a web professionally as much as possible. Some good extensions such as magento reward points, magento one step checkout, magento daily deal, magento affiliate, … which is used by many site owners around the world.

These are 4 reasons why you should use Magento for your online business!

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