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Discussion on: Do we need to know the magic?

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Antonio Radovcic

For prototypes, personal projects, quick tryouts etc. I want as much magic as possible, to allow me to get to the point asap.

If I'm setting up a long-term year(s)-long project, like I do sometimes at work, I'm trying to avoid it where possible, and as much as my knowledge and stack allow me. The reason is what you mentioned, I don't want to spend time debugging other folks code. There will always be magic, unless you know every bit down to the processor, but I try to leave the magic to proven, classic tools like Clojure-Compiler, Webpack or NodeSass.

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Dan Netherton 👨‍💻 Author

Having the magic is fantastic for fast prototyping, I have to agree. I remember scaffolding some Rails things a while back and I couldn't have been happier with those generators!

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Milan Radojević

Pretty much, if I want to experiment with something I'll use every shortcut available so that I can deal only with what interests me.

Though I'll say that understanding basics of how some more popular tools work can contribute to a somebody versatility.