A beginner trying for the first Open Source Project

Divyesh Parmar on May 27, 2018

So I have been ranting few things since many months like I have graduated in ICT I need to complete geeksforgeeks now I need to find a job (ev... [Read Full]
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woah! I have practiced on freeCodeCamp but never thought of it. Thank you so much for the kind response. This is going to give me nice head up


So if I understand you correctly, you are looking to contribute to some open source project?

I would advise you to go at it from the opposite direction; look for stuff you want to use, specially if it's not all that well known or relatively new, and just start using it. Sooner or later you'll find yourself wishing there was some feature, or even find a bug.

It's much easier to implement something you actually want than to go out looking for stuff you could implement for the sake of contributing.


Error: encountered EOF, expected )

(You open a ( on your third bullet point and never close it :P)


The codetriage.com site sends you open source project bugs that need attention.


Checkout Visual Studio Code Settings Sync extension

Build on Node and Typescript.

I'm currently managing it, glad to help if you want to contribute.


i made this project


specifically for beginners, see open issues, i also rewrote the README to accomodate new people and help them contributing !


I can recommend mousepawmedia.com. Very interesting projects (Python and C++) and very friendly community. Feel free to write to them at developers@mousepawmedia.com


I wanted to ask the same question and found this post. Thanks for asking ahead of me!

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