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Hello everyone, I am Sophie Obomighie, currently a third year student of human anatomy from the university of Benin, Nigeria.
I have practical experience with WordPress, HTML, CSS, Python and django but I'm mostly Python now. I intend to fully transition from medical sciences to programming or at least major in biomedical engineering because I've falling in love with programming.
I decided to join this community because of my resolution to be more intentional about my learning process, to have a reliable community to get help from and to improve on my technical writing skills. Aside programming and school, I volunteer for tech communities like Developer's students club (, The GirlLEAD project (, WAAW foundation
( etc
I also try out Karate in my free time. I feel excited to be here.
Love, Sophie.


Hi Sophie! Great to have you! Glad you fell in love with programming. I can totally relate to that

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