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Begining My Front End Life Activities

odemilade profile image O-demilade ・1 min read

So sometime in November last year, I wanted to try out my frontend skill which I have been studying for well over 2 years so I got on to the Frontend Mentor Challenges and picked one of the Newbie Free challenges.

I abandoned it a week after upon facing setback with arranging the profile boxes (equal sizing and even spacing), I later picked it up again and upon consulting a friend, I was pointed in the direction of CSS Grids which solved my issue.

Abandoned again, finally completed the mobile view and uploaded my challenge solution. I know it isn't the best solution out there but I am proud I finally completed.

My experience plus:

  1. Design for mobile first
  2. Technology is daily improving, stay current or you become archaic, being good in a lot of old stuff

(I had an issue with my git)
Live website: social-proof

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