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re: "boring product", "using old tech" - Will this matter in 3 years? - YES.

Will it matter to YOU in 3 years.

1) you still get paid.
2) you still get rated for promotion.

So no, it will not matter, to YOU, in 3 years.

But if your ratings for promotion are based on your lack of productivity in the "boring product" that is "using old tech", and you have enumerated the problems to management . . .

In otherwords, if management has taken their problem and made it your problem . . .

Then the answer is clear: it's time to move on.


personally, for me, life and job satisfaction is above promotions. 3 years of doing what I don't like, without any passion or interest, and getting skills that will not matter (and this is not a good thing) isn't good, neither for me, nor for my career.

when I pondered on these questions a couple of years ago, I decided that it matters, and changed my job as soon as possible. Life is too short.

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