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"boring product", "using old tech" - Will this matter in 3 years? - YES.


I think the idea here was will you still be at the same job coding the same boring product using the same old tech. - I know I wont :)


You know you won't because you are not feeling stuck :)
I meant that if the answer to the long term question of will this thing matter is "yes", then you definitely need to start moving yourself out if the current situation.


Will it matter to YOU in 3 years.

1) you still get paid.
2) you still get rated for promotion.

So no, it will not matter, to YOU, in 3 years.

But if your ratings for promotion are based on your lack of productivity in the "boring product" that is "using old tech", and you have enumerated the problems to management . . .

In otherwords, if management has taken their problem and made it your problem . . .

Then the answer is clear: it's time to move on.


personally, for me, life and job satisfaction is above promotions. 3 years of doing what I don't like, without any passion or interest, and getting skills that will not matter (and this is not a good thing) isn't good, neither for me, nor for my career.

when I pondered on these questions a couple of years ago, I decided that it matters, and changed my job as soon as possible. Life is too short.


Great self reflection. Time to reconsider your options.

You can use these questions for anything life throws at you. The list above are the few things that popped into my head :)

Happy journey.

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