Introducing my new project CSSWand!

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Introducing my new project CSSWand!
Easy Copy-Paste Beautiful CSS
That can be easily customized further at your own choice

check out my new project here

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Tech used:
React, Ant Design, Emotion, Firebase

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I know him and he made it with Vue and I tried mine with React


This is awesome. Thanks for creating it.

As a feature request, you should later try to let people submit CSS contributions that you will then validate and publish on it too. That will make it grow very quickly


I have a contribution guidelines so I am looking forward to seeing requests. I am also adding some new ones which are already on the testing phase as of now. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks a lot! Feel free to use the app on your future projects :D


Holy Molly this is freaking awesome! I'm definitely be bookmarking it and trying it out tomorrow ;)


Thank you Juan! Yes, use it often as I will add more effects soon :D!


Love it! I posted CSS Wand on Product Hunt to spread this amazing work hope that's ok with you :D

Feel free to claim it as yours in there :)



Awesome! I was planning to do that and really appreciate this helping hand :D


Thank you! I will keep adding more and feel free to use it on your future projects :D !


Thank you ! Feel free to use it on your future projects :D

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