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Organization Accounts


Organization accounts are a FREE option for companies, open-source projects, and anyone else that wants to participate on DEV as part of a broader group.

To create or join an organization, simply head to your settings page.


  • Dedicated Landing Page: Your organization will now have a page to display key information, a list of organization members, and more. (e.g. landing pages for Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Twilio, Angular, etc.)
  • Organization Branding on Posts: Your team will have the ability to enable org branding on new posts, which will show up in the header, sidebar, and footer.
  • Call-to-Action on Posts: Drive readers towards your products and services with a call-to-action unit alongside your posts.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Measure performance by keeping track of view counts, reactions, and CTA clicks on each post.
  • Build a Following: As community members follow your organization, they’ll receive notifications of new posts, and your content will show up more prominently in their feed.

Check out the DEV Team organization page to view a live example. Head to your settings page to create or join an organization.


1. I want to cross-post content, do you support Canonical URLs?

Absolutely. You can set the canonical_url in the Front Matter of each post. We also have an RSS Import tool to make importing articles a bit easier.

2. I publish articles both as an individual, and as part of an organization. Will I need two separate accounts?

Nope — you can continue to use your DEV account as normal. As part of an organization, you will see an option to enable organization branding at the top of every new post.

3. How can I invite more people to my organization?

You’ll see an invite token at the top of your settings page. To add someone to your organization, simply provide them with that token. They’ll enter it at the top of the same page to join the group.

4. Can I join multiple organizations?

Yes! You can do so in your settings. You may want to be a part of a work organization and an open source project, for example.

5. How do I pass my org admin responsibilities off to another member of the org?

Admins of an organization are able to promote other members of their organization into that same Admin role. There can be any number of admins per org.

6. Where do I go to view my organization's analytics?

Org Admins are able to view analytics for all posts published under the organization on the org dashboard.

7. Can you talk about about org roles?

There are only two org roles: org admin & org member. Note that all org admins have the same abilities for the moment.

If you are the creator of an org you'll automatically be made an admin, and any other org admins you invite will have the same capabilities as you. To be clear, there is no separate org creator role at the moment.

8. How do I delete my organization?

You can delete your organization if you:

  • are the only member in the organization
  • are an admin of the organization
  • the organization has no posts
  • and the organization has no credits

If you'd like to delete your organization, first make sure you're logged into as yourself. Navigate to organization settings, use the drop-down menu to select the correct org, and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says Danger Zone. You should now be able to delete your organization. Due to known caching issues orgs may occasionally take a while to delete.

9. How do I remove myself from an org?

If you are an org member, you can remove yourself by navigating to organization settings, use the drop-down menu to select the correct org,  and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says Danger Zone. You should see an option to "Leave Organization".

If you are an admin for the org, you will need to have another org admin remove your admin status, before following the guidance above to remove yourself from the org.

Note: Org admin are unable to remove the admin status from their own account; this safeguard is in place to make it so that every organization always has an active admin. In other words, an org admin cannot create an org and then leave the org admin-less — they must first elect another org admin before leaving.

10. How do I transfer org ownership to another user?

The best way to transfer an org to another user is to use the invitation secret code available from organization settings to invite the user as an org member. Once they've joined, then you can give them admin status for the org by changing their org role. After making the user an admin, they have all of the same org privileges as you.

If you wish to leave the org, just follow the steps listed above in the question "How do I remove myself from an org?".

11. I have a questions and/or comments?

Great! We’re happy to answer questions, and we welcome your feedback. Please shoot an email to