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Discussion on: Google Chrome’s new update finally allows you to organize and group tabs!

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Tomer Ovadia Author

@crock out of curiosity, were you able to find in Brave/Safari a similar feature?

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Alex Crocker • Edited

Safari negative 😞
Brave as Kieran mentioned uses Chromium under the hood and all Chrome extensions are more or less compatible with it. Heck, you install Brave extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
Didn't realize that the tab grouping was a feature of Chromium though as @k776 pointed out, so I guess the answer is yes!

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Ben Mitchinson

I'm also curious

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Peyton McGinnis

Not sure about Brave and Safari, but Vivaldi has some pretty decent tab management features.

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Kieran Pilkington

@tomer Short answer: yes. Long answer: Brave is based on the same engine as Chrome (an open source project called Chromium). As a result, the latest update of Brave (1.7.x) updated the Chromium engine underneath, which includes this new tab grouping functionality.