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How To Update Angular CLI To Version 9

Finally, Angular Version 9.0.0 is released now! This release switches angular application to the Ivy compiler and runtime by default and introduces improved ways of testing components. This is one of the major update Angular team has made in last 3 years.

Update Angular to Version 9

Visit for detailed information and guidance. Follow the below steps to update the Angular CLI to the latest version 9.

First, update to the latest version of 8 using below command:

ng update @angular/cli@8 @angular/core@8

After running above command use below command to update Angular CLI to Version 9

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Advantages of Ivy

Smaller bundle sizes
Faster testing
Better debugging
Improved CSS class and style binding
Improved type checking
Improved build errors
Improved build times, enabling AOT on by default
Improved Internationalization Click on this link to read the official blog to get detailed information and guidance.

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