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Your year in DEV - Check your stats!

Paula Santamaría on December 08, 2019

So today @maurogarcia_19 and I spent the whole afternoon creating a web tool to allow everyone on DEV to see their blog stats of 2019! Here's how... [Read Full]
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haha that is so cool! Thank you for building this Paula :D

It was super fun year for me, here are my stats:


Loved this web tool but it is case sensitive due to which if I type VikasPandey121 or Vikaspandey121 then I will not receive any result. I can see my analysis only if I use vikaspandey121. I would love to resolve this issue.


Nice catch! Someone sent a PR for this issue and we just merged it 👍


Create an issue and open a PR in the repository. 😎

My year in DEV

A tool tool that displays a summary of your blog's stats!

Try it yourself! 👉 My year in DEV


This web app was build using Svelte with Sapper and Tailwind CSS. If you're interested in trying out this combo, check out this boilerplate mauro-codes/sapper-tailwindcss-boi....

Running the project locally

Install the dependencies, build it and run it.

npm install
npm run build
npm run dev

Official docs


This project was a fun excuse for me to learn about Svelte and Sapper.

This shows that purpose driven learning is the best way to learn.

Here is my stat:

ziizium 2019 blog stat


Indeed! You learn something new and see the results right away.
Thanks, Habdul!


Awesome project, thank you for taking the time to implement and share it :)

P.S.: for some users, it returns The user does not exist or they haven't written articles yet, even if the user exists and there are published articles


Cool, my article of the year is when I was showing off how clean my PC desktop is 🥰🥰🥰


Nice, thanks for sharing!
I just bought a new laptop, so my desktop is super clean! ✨✨ (for now 😏)


Thanks for making this tool. It is good to look back at the year 🚀

My 2019 DEV


Cool! Now I want to learn about the secret power of JSON stringify 😮


Hah! this looks super pretty! Great Job! Paula


Thank you! Although @maurogarcia_19 is who deserves the credit for how pretty it looks! I only coded the backend 😊


Looks good! It would also be cool if it told you your most used word, your readability score, and the average length of your article.


I should combine these tags into a single post. Anyone interested in cute architecture?


😂😂😂 Please do, I'd love to learn about cute architecture!


Awesome tool! Loved to see those statistics, here are mine:
Amorpheuz's stats


Ha.. I'd been working on something similar using Svelte as well! Looks cool!


Thank you! I figure someone would think about doing something similar for this time of the year. We got the idea from Spotify. I wonder if someone did it last year.


Amazing work. If you plan to continue developing it, you can get inspired from Spotify's "year in review" feature.


That's where we got the inspiration from in the first place, we just had to adapt it to use the public info provided by the API.

Thank you, Jakob! :)

If you have any suggestions please feel free to write a comment here or an issue / PR on GitHub.


Here are a bunch of random ideas (I didn't filter or analyze them. I raw material XD)

  • most popular post & comment
  • most shared post (Twitter, fb, etc. I think there used to be a way of tracking this)
  • most popular person I follow
  • most influential person that follows me
  • total count of comments and total reaction my comments received
  • my most noteworthy follower (the one that reacted / commented the most to my articles / posts)
  • AVG posts / comments per month / year
  • stats comparison between years
  • some stats related to tags (e.g.tags I commented the most on)
  • time spent reading (not sure this is available. Each article has an estimated necessary time. If DEV tracks all articles I read, then a sum of them. Otherwise, the sum of all articles I commented on)
  • count posts I loved
  • count posts I unicorned

Hope at least some of the suggestions will inspire you :)

All great ideas! We'll have to check if some of the required info is available through the API, though.


Very cool Paula! Feel free to join us in the Svelte Discord and show it off in the #showcase channel!


very good idea but I'm sorry to inform you that I found a mistake, apparently it is Case sensitive and I understand that it shouldn't because a username is unique right?


Thank you, Diogenes. Someone sent a PR to the Github repo today that fixes this issue and we just merged it. Should be fixed now 😊


Once I figured out not to use the @ and make sure the rest was in lowercase, it came up for me! Now I need to write more posts. 😄


Nice! There's a pull request already for the lower case issue, and I'll make sure to include a solution to the @ thing too.

Thank you, Katie!

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