My First Hacktoberfest!

periiz profile image Lucas Perez ・1 min read

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How did I knew about it?

I was participating in this web development bootcamp and the teachers told us about it! I'm a strong believer in open source and felt I had to participate. (:


I am very new to developing in general, in fact it was my first ever experience using GitHub in a team. I hope to keep contributing to projects.


Since I am just learning how to be a dev, my PullRequests have all been to this "final project" thing, so I didn't really help a real project, just an educational one.
I already have one in mind for future contributions, though, a translating project of the Ruby on Rails doc to portuguese.
If you know the language, I guess you can also check it here:


I was actually learning how to use Git and GitHub and it happened to be during the Hacktoberfest, but it just made it even more exciting to work harder on the project we were making. I hope I can keep it up. (:


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