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re: Was the decision to be a co-founder a conscious and deliberate one, or were you "driven by fate"? How did you managed then to communicate to the pe...

Great question. I've always been entrepreneurial — from launching projects and side-hustles through middle and high school, to building and selling a business in college. When I moved to NYC, I was part of a small team at Hatch Labs, a mobile app incubator that was part of IAC. I had a super cool role where I was tasked with helping every incubating company with all of their non-technical needs: everything from customer support to business development to partnerships, product development, acquisition, etc.

I loved that job, and my co-workers, and I recognized that I was building a ton of valuable skills... but even though I was only at that company for six months (before it shut down), I always felt a strong itch to take more control and lead my own project. After it folded, I met @ben and we started working on

In that sense, I've always "felt the drive" and have wanted to lead and co-lead projects.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the massive element of privilege that's often present in being an entrepreneur. The fact that I was able to attend quality schools growing up without accumulating personal debt, that I had a family that would support me if all else failed, that I knew people who could invest at the early stages, on and on, has been a major factor.

The ground has been unsteady and chaotic at times, but it's also been a lot "safer" for me personally than it has been for many other entrepreneurs. I try not to forget that, or to ascribe too much pride or self-satisfaction without remembering that massive advantage and privilege that I feel like people don't talk about enough.


"After it folded, I met @ben and we started working on"
How long after Hatch folded-- 6 weeks... 6 months?
Did you meet Ben virtually / online?
How did you & Ben agree to start working on Texts-- was it a project or a side hustle?

Much closer to six weeks. It folded at the end of 2012 and we met in Feb of 2013.

We met on /r/nycjobs was a "real project," in that we were both doing it full-time. At the very start it was more "my" project with Ben helping out as a contractor; but, within a month or two, it became clear we got along well and were ready to commit as real partners.

That's a cool way to begin + cement a relationship. Thanks for the details... very insightful.

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