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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of May 2019)

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Peter Kim Frank

DEV is hiring summer interns to focus on primarily non-technical tasks (business development, growth, operations). This position is paid and remote friendly. Full information on the job listing:

Come work with us, and please spread the word! :)

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Amruta Ranade

This sounds like an incredible opportunity! I am not eligible for it since I already work full-time, but do let me know if any volunteering opportunities come up! Would love to learn the non-technical tasks involved in building a community.

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Adam Crockett

If only I didn't have a job haha! Sounds fantastic for a lucky few 😎

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This is a good role to learn a lot about the tech industry very fast.

I am personally tempted. Not kidding (not a money thing, it will be interesting). If you are young, it is a very good way to level up. I'd do this before a startup/large corp.

Well positioned, chill tech startups, with good growth & support are not that common. Loads of contacts (you will be chatting to unexpected people/companies). Remote is a bonus (but good to go in if possible in this case).

"I was employee 16" will be insufferable.

If you plan to run your own thing one day, apply.