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Peter Kim Frank • Edited on

Hey Wes, I was hoping you'd touch briefly on the #productivity side of things. One thing that immediately stands out when viewing your overall professional presence is just the sheer volume of substantial and successful projects, courses, etc., that you've undertaken.

I'm sure the shortest and truest answer is that "It's a ton of hard work," but I was wondering whether there were any eureka moments or specific insights that have helped you find such productivity and ability to execute.

Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA!

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Wes Bos Ask Me Anything

It's all about finishing things. I always loose steam on things right about 90% o the way through. That last 10% is the hardest, but well worth it.

Learning how to push through that has helped a lot. There are no secrets here - just having a bit to grit to double down and finish things.

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Peter Kim Frank

I can definitely see "Just finish things" becoming a personal mantra. Thanks again! 🙌🏽

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Scott Spence

Shia LaBeouf gif incoming!

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Hannan Ali

Gif: Just Do It (Shia LaBeouf)