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Deploying React app to Netlify (chapter update)

About a month ago I wrote a post on Learning React, GraphQL, and Apollo. In short, a while I go, I wrote a couple of articles that I finally collected into an ebook you can get here.

Since then (and by the current count) 186 people downloaded the book, which is pretty exciting!

I priced the book at the lowest price Leanpub allows ($4.99, however, if you can't afford it I am more than happy to send you a free copy - just comment here, ping me on Twitter or send me an email.

Ok, back to the main purpose of this post. In the original post, I mentioned I wanted to add a chapter about deployment and thanks to Stanley, the book now has the deployment section that talks about how to deploy the sample app to Netlify.

Book stats

Thanks to Stanley for helping out with this! If you have ideas on how to improve the ebook, examples used or anything else -- feel free to reach out!

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