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๐ŸŽฅ Kubernetes Services, Ingress, Jobs and CronJobs

How can you access workloads inside the Kubernetes cluster? Should you use a NodePort or LoadBalancer service type? How about if you want to expose multiple applications through a single load balancer? In this session, you'll learn how to do all that. We'll deploy an Ambassador ingress controller and show how to expose multiple applications through the load balancer. Finally, we'll look into Jobs and CronJobs and show how to use them to run tasks on schedule.

What's covered in the video?

00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Agenda
02:54 - Kubernetes Services
10:24 - Talking to Pods using services (demo/lab)
23:37 - Service types
24:45 - ClusterIP service type
25:56 - NodePort service type
28:00 - LoadBalancer service type
29:00 - ExternalName service type
30:03 - Service types (demo/lab)
40:40 - Ingress introduction (exposing multiple services)
50:50 - Ingress (demo)
54:33 - Deploying Ambassador ingress controller (demo)
01:00:50 - Single service ingress (demo)
01:02:59 - Path-based routing with Ingress (demo)
01:08:13 - Using a hostname instead of an IP address (demo)
01:15:31 - Name-based ingress(multiple hosts) (demo)
01:19:00 - Kubernetes Jobs
01:26:39 - Kubernetes CronJobs
01:32:40 - Jobs and CronJobs (demo)

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