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re: When I was doing Ruby I always misspelled initialize!

How did you spell it? As a Brit I am, of course, offended by the "z" and think it should be initialise anyway.


Lol, it wasn't a consistent misspelling, it's just a long word I kept fat-fingering.

What was most frustrating was that I wouldn't get a consistent "no method 'intialize'" error, it's just that I wasn't getting expected behavior and it would take me forever to realize it's because my initialize method wasn't being called!

Ah, the nightmare of a misspelled constructor. It's there, it's just pretending it's a regular method. Cheeky. And hard to track down. 😡

What are you writing things in most at the moment? And is it saving you from constructor woes?

These days I work mostly in Go, but even in languages with constructors I struggled with them enough that I now recognize a misspelled one sooner.

Programming has helped me discover that I truly never learned "I before E except after C". I'm always misspelling the BadgeAchievement model in the codebase.

As a Canadian I occasionally have hangups with keywords like color. Phil, you probably feel this too.

That's why we have postcss-spiffing.

body {
  background-colour: grey !please;

Top Tip!

Rename the BadgeAchievement model to BadgeAcheivement and never have this problem again!

I'm sure there are things like this in the code already 😭

Unrelated, but my last job had a referrals-based business model, so you can imagine the referrals table in their database was the most important table with indexes on almost every other table in the database.

It was spelled referalls, and every table apparently has its own convention of whether to name their column referall_id or referral_id 🤦‍♂️

I once fixed a misspelling in a codebase without realizing that the name was coming from an external API's response so my correction broke everything. Misspellings that you can't fix are very frustrating.

@yechielk At least that's just in one app and not the Referer header supported in every web browser and server in the world.

Come to think of it, I bet the Referer header has caused multiple spelling confusions leading to things like this.

@halldjack Oh no! You must have thought you were fixing a bug instead of causing it. That's the worst!

Yes! Someone pointed out the referer header to me once, and I instantly felt better for the poor developer who created that referalls table...

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