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I'm on Android but I don't see any notice to install the app?


That's another possible issue that's not totally clear to me actually.

Chrome says this:

Chrome uses a set of criteria and visit frequency heuristics to determine when to show the banner.

This is pretty cryptic. Are you able to "manually" add to home screen through the browser's menu?


Yes I did..but it seems there are 2 problems in the app :

  1. I can't submit comments/replies
  2. The Notifications area shows only "Following" alerts..there's no trace of others' comments to my replies..strange.

Hmm strange... It shouldn't be too different than your Chrome Android browsing experience. I'm not getting those issues on my phone. We just updated the cache version so you might have to reload your app.


You can go to the Chrome's hamburger menu and hit "Add to Home screen" item.

Also AFAIR it's platform dependent and is supported since Android 5.

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