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Radio Liberty: Setting the mood

These days I’ve been thinking about the plot and tone of the game. It will be set in a parallel, post-apocalyptic world in which the Radio Liberty antennas were never demolished. The main character is a nomad, always traveling alone and keeping to secondary roads to avoid any contact with gangs and thugs. She is resourceful and handy, knows her way around tech and mechanics, and drives some sort of solar powered beach buggy. Since it’s a post-apocalyptic world, spare parts are hard to find, so she tries her best to keep the buggy in perfect conditions.

She is traveling quite happily around southern Europe (or what it used southern Europe anyway) when her buggy suddenly loses power. There is nothing apparently wrong with it. How strange. So she decides to set camp and start exploring the surroundings, and so the game starts.

I’ve been gathering some references for setting the tone of the game.

From Oxenfree game. I like the small size of the characters vs the open space. In the game, you have a radio that sometimes catches some mysterious signal. I might do something similar!

Horizon Zero Dawn
From Horizon Zero Dawn. I love the way nature absorbs the buildings.

A couple of scenes from Pixelshuh. I like the flood idea (and fits perfectly a post-apocalyptic world due to climate change) and the colors and mood of the fishing scene.

Alt Text
I love everything about Language of the Gods, by Belén Albeza. The tone and the art are great, plus I think I can manage a graphic style like that. And again, small character vs big scenery!

And here are some very rough ideas I’ve sketched:

Alt Text
The paper is all wrinkly because I was drawing on the same beach where the antennas used to be :)

Alt Text
Alt Text

As for the next step, maybe I’m going to look into which tools and language I’m going to use to develop the game. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Phaser, because I want the game to be playable in the browser and ❤javascript❤, but I want to write some code to see if it really makes sense — if you are thinking about writing a comment saying how much javascript sucks, and it’s not a real language and I’m insane for liking it, please just die instead. Or, if I’m not in the mood to program, I’ll develop the plot more and do some concept art.

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