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Visiting Radio Liberty

Originally published at Medium on Jul 21, 2019

Ok, this post has not much to do with the development of the game but… I visited Radio Liberty! Or what’s left of it, anyway.

It may be a bit sad to have it all just go to waste like that, but for my game it couldn’t be more perfect, it has the exact post apocalyptic vibe I’m looking for. It’s a shame that the game will be quite small and that I’m not a great pixel artist, because those scenarios would shine. Hope you all like the game and some big studio wants to fund me to do a remaster.

Radio Liberty exterior


Europe map with lights
This is begging to become a game puzzle

Collage of images

A door with a "Don't open, dead inside" graffiti

No, the game won’t have any zombies in it but this is priceless

Please note! As a police officer kindly reminded me of, Radio Liberty is still private property so you shouldn’t go there. I won’t do it again, promise.

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