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Practice Go: Warriors

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BitVille and ByteVille are 2 warring tribes. BitVille has a spy telescope called the Hobble Scope, to count the number of Byte Warriors in ByteVille. The Hobble Scope, however, has a problem. Its primary lens is contaminated with bugs which block part of each image. The Hobble Scope's flawed images are stored by pixels in a file.

Each image is square and each pixel or cell contains either a 0 or a 1. At each pixel location, 1 is recorded if part or all of a Byte Warrior is present and a 0 if any other object, including a bug, is visible. 1. A Byte warrior is represented by at least a single binary 1. 2. Cells with adjacent sides on the same row and/or column or Cells which are diagonally adjacent - which contain binary ones, comprise one Byte Warrior. A very large image of one Byte Warrior might contain all ones. 3. Distinct Byte Warriors do not touch one another. 4. There is no wrap-around. Pixels on the bottom are not adjacent to the top and the left is not adjacent to the right (unless, of course, there are only 2 rows or 2 columns).


The output should be a single number specifying the number of unique Byte Warriors in the image.



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Output: 3


There is 1 warrior on top left most corner (just 1 pixel), 2nd warrior on the top right (3 "1" pixels), 3rd warrior on the left bottom corner (7 "1" pixels).

Run tests with benchmarks

go test -bench .
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Have fun!

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