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HospitalRun is hospital management software for developing countries.

It's an ember frontend and node backend open source project maintained by a small number of great people, and also a large number of community volunteers as well.

I intend to continue contributing as I find free time, and they are very receptive to anyone willing to offer assistance.


This looks incredible, definitely going to check this out.


Amazing project.

I am working on a something similar using Java for a university project, there are a lot of good features this project has that i like and other ones found in my project that i would like to share in this open source project.


How's it compare to bhima, "a hospital information management application for rural Congolese hospitals" that's also written in Node?


Honestly, I never looked into any "competitors". I got in touch with the maintainer while looking for projects to contribute to, and it looked like there was a good amount of work that needed doing, so I got to work.

I'm sure there are similar projects that do some things better or worse, but I can't say I've looked into them.

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