Who's looking for open source contributors? (April 2 edition)

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Anybody working on an open source project and looking for contributors? Post here shamelessly!

I think I'll make this a weekly thread.


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HospitalRun is hospital management software for developing countries.

It's an ember frontend and node backend open source project maintained by a small number of great people, and also a large number of community volunteers as well.

I intend to continue contributing as I find free time, and they are very receptive to anyone willing to offer assistance.


Amazing project.

I am working on a something similar using Java for a university project, there are a lot of good features this project has that i like and other ones found in my project that i would like to share in this open source project.


Love it, thanks for sharing!


This looks incredible, definitely going to check this out.


How's it compare to bhima, "a hospital information management application for rural Congolese hospitals" that's also written in Node?


Honestly, I never looked into any "competitors". I got in touch with the maintainer while looking for projects to contribute to, and it looked like there was a good amount of work that needed doing, so I got to work.

I'm sure there are similar projects that do some things better or worse, but I can't say I've looked into them.


Run out of challenges?

Need a ridiculously ambitious goal?

How about working with me on the Leaf language? Compiling, standard libraries, documentation, packaging, ecosystem, community, or just playing around... there's something for everybody.

Any skill level is welcome, and I'll spend time with any contributor, but be aware, the current prognosis for the learning curve is steep, more like a cliff.


I am ready to work on language


Great! Look at my other comment, the first step is getting it built. This has many steps, but should be straight-forward -- of course, provide feedback for bits that are wrong/out-dated (things change).


this should be fun


Good to see this. I'm in for learning new things. I have a beginner's and very basic understanding knowledge in Lex & Automata. I hope I can contribute something to the project.


Requirements are a Linux or OSX machine*. The first thing to do is to follow the BUILD.md file and get the libraries built, and then Leaf. Reporting all the stuff the doesn't work, or isn't clear is helpful.

There isn't much work to be done in parsing at the moment... not saying it couldn't be improved though. It's a custom recursive descent parser. It has two stages, context sensitive tree lexing then AST construction.

*For the pinnacle of adventure there's the option of getting it running on Windows. Likely a painful task.

What are the current challenges to getting it running on Windows?

The biggest challenge is the build process. There are several libraries that need to be installed, and the build scripts would need to be tweaked to work on Windows. From what I've seen there's nothing in the list that isn't available on windows. I'm just personally not familiar with building such things on windows anymore (something like Cygwin might be a good first step, using it's packaging before doing fully native).

The next challenge would be calling convention. This affects when native libraries are called. The essentials are probably fine, so like 95% will work without this. I don't anticipate this to be too difficult, it mainly requires deciphering docs, and compiling C code into LLVM-IR to reverse engineer.


I love what I've seen of the syntax so far. I'll try to keep an eye on it. Thanks for mentioning this project.


I need people to show TDD in practice with Go

I have been posting a series of articles about learning TDD with Go. They're on this site but they're all hosted on github:


There is a "fundamentals" section, which is mainly about teaching how to write code with TDD.

what you can do

However what I really want is for example articles around the standard library

So for instance you look at say the time package. Imagine some kind of functionality you could make from it. Then write an article, showing the TDD cycle.

I really want to help raise the game of TDD in the Go community and the more examples out there showing how it can be done would be awesome.


@quii Chris, I would like to contribute.. I have been known your repo for a while. Happy to know that you are look for contributions.


Get stuck in :)

Proof-reading, suggestions for new chapters, translations, all these things help


I'm one of the core developers on the Walkoff project, an automation and orchestration framework with a focus on cybersecurity. Think of an open source ITTT. We're using a Flask backend with an Angular frontend, and the integration plugins are written in Python.

What you can do

  • Have a favorite tool which has a Python API or web service you use often? Write a plugin for it. Have a bundle of useful scripts you use frequently? Convert them into a plugin for Walkoff. Does your company have a product with a public API? Write a plugin for it and reach more people. Interested in learning Python? This is an easy way to learn the language. If you can write something useful in Python, you can write a plugin for the platform. Interested in learning Javascript? You can make interface plugins for the UI too.
  • We're interested in making Docker images for the product, and we could use some help. We are also investigating using a container orchestration tool of some sort.
  • We're looking for some frontend developers to streamline the UI

Any skill level is welcome


I'm interested in this, How can I contribute?


It depends on what you're looking to get out of it. The easiest way to contribute is to write an app (backend plugin using Python) or an interface (frontend plugin using Javascript and Python). The plugins can really be anything you're interested in working on. Plugins are a good place to start to get a feel for how Walkoff works.

I also see that you have a background in data science. Currently, we are collecting some primitive metrics for how often various actions and workflows are run. But seeing how the project has a focus on cybersecurity automation, I was thinking it could be useful to have some type of anomaly detection which can alert a user in some way if an action or workflow has an anomalous increase in execution frequency. Haven't fleshed that idea out too much though. And even then, that might be better deployed as an app or interface than a core feature.




Between job hunting and preparing a talk for June, I haven't been able to put as much time in as I've wanted on Massive.js lately. But stuff is still happening, if slowly, and I'm closing in on version 5. If you're interested in doing fun things with Node and Postgres, check it out! There are some open issues of varying difficulty, and I'm always happy to talk about ideas for new features.


I plan to give it a look, to see if there's anything I want to contribute. Thanks for mentioning it.


This is a very very very baby project, but I want to turn it into something new JavaScript devs can contribute to and learn from.

console.lol is a collection of custom browser console methods to make working and debugging a little brighter. I recently learned you can style your console.logs with CSS substrings and think custom log methods would be really useful to create some visual hierarchy and add some fun to your console.

screenshot of a console log that is colored like a rainbow

I think it would be a great starting open source project for new JavaScript developers since one of the first things you learn how to do is log things to your browser's console.

I'd appreciate contributions of many kinds: feedback on the current state of things, a soundboard for ideas, help establishing new-developer-friendly documentation and onboarding, and especially, fun console methods!


That looks fun! Thanks for sharing :)


Anybody wanting to work on an Elixir/Phoenix project is more than welcome to check AlloyCI out.

There are some beginner friendly issues that can be tackled with basic knowledge of Elixir and Phoenix.

I am also very willing to mentor and walk people through the more complicated issues.

Don't be shy! Get in touch! 🎉


This is an awesome project! What's the best way to get in touch with you?


Hey Victor, I saw your post about partnering up with OSS maintainers. I signed up via the form you posted, but if you want, you can also reach me at suprnova32@gmail.com.

Great, thanks so much! I'll shoot you an email


I'm working on an Swagger/OpenAPI-like specification for Asynchronous APIs: WebSockets, AMQP, MQTT, Kafka, etc...



Hi all,

I'm currently building a 2D drawing library in Javascript called Pencil.js.

My first goal is to make it really easy and clear to draw in the browser using Object Oriented Programming and a lot of options. Also, the whole thing is modular, which help to get or replace each part. Finally, all the code is well documented in order to allow anyone to participate.

Most of all, I'm looking for feedback from devs. If you've been confronted to the hassle of using HTML canvas, please try Pencil.js and give me your feelings.

Thanks a lot,


GeoTools (geotools.org) and GeoServer (geoserver.org) are always looking for help. GeoTools is a java spatial library which GeoServer uses to build the premier (open source) web mapping server in the world.


You guys still looking for contributors? i am up for it


Always looking for helpers - please see geotools.org/getinvolved.html and docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/... to get started.


Do you know go or python? Want to help develop a completely open social client? Consider contributing to Hathi

Hathi is a project under ICEI, and its purpose is to support ICEI's mission. ICEI's mission is to support the development and stewardship of reliable, secure, and open source internet infrastructure software.

Hathi is to become the tool FOSS developers need in order to meet, discuss, collaborate and create and maintain the FOSS software of tomorrow. The planning document includes an overview of the problem statement and mission statement in a little more details.


Want to contribute for research oriented work ?

Hey guys,

I strongly feel that research papers are meant to communicate ideas between experts, at least the way they are written. Everyone wants to do awesome things in Artificial Intelligence, but doesn't quite read research papers. Why ? Hard to understand...Is it ? .......Yes

So why not make awesome research papers make understandable to community.

So this repository is an initiative to cross this barrier and make research content more exciting and understandable. Though my expertise is in AI, I would happily contribute in AI from now on.

All are welcome to post issue or create a PR for a contribution or any confusion.


I'm building a "micro-learning" LMS called Tigris. I had built a 1.0 that needs documentation, but I haven't had time and motivation to work on it consistently.

It's a Vue.js frontend, but the 1.0 is Clojure and the 2.0 is Python. Originally, I wanted to use it as a way to work with languages I really wanted to work in, but as I want to get more done quickly I went (back) to Django.

I don't have any contributors now, so any type of contribution will help, whether code, documentation, testing, whatever.


Where to start?

I have numerous projects, most of which are stalled on some degree of front-end design or UI/UX.

Most of all I need someone to bounce ideas off an help keep the momentum up!

CMS? I've got a good one in the pipe... ideally need people who have opinions on which features are essential, and a user-focused viewpoint.

Django-based eCommerce SPA? Just need to get payments (in progress) and design.

SPA front end for Stripe's APIs? Again, design and UX needed :/



I don't have experience with Django, but I write Python regularly and have front-end experience, so I'll give your projects a look and see what I can do to help.


i would like to work with you using python


This project is very early on in development, but here goes...

I am trying to create an open API and open frontend social networking website. It has two repos, the backend API which is using the Lumen framework (PHP, built by Laravel) and the frontend is using ReactJS.

You can work on either project based on what you're interested in, or you can work on both if that interests you. I'm hoping to have them worked alongside each other and then just see where it goes from there.

It will basically be the social network that users can have control over. No tracking, no ads and completely open to everyone.

API: github.com/MichaelDBrooks/social-api
Frontend: github.com/MichaelDBrooks/social-app


There are two projects I maintain:

I am the primary maintainer for github.com/exercism/dart.

Exercism.io is a website that provides problems via exercises that need to be solved in a wide range of languages via "tracks".

I maintain the track for the Dart language set of exercises. We just launched this year and have aboutr 11 exercises.

I have Pull Requests that need to be reviewed and I just generally have a need for more exercises to be implemented in the track.

Additionally, any problems or feedback would be useful!

The second project is Probot Arborist: github.com/Stargator/probot-arborist. NodeJS-based.

The current implementation is Probot will create an issue when it sees new branches created that don't follow a set pattern.

I haven't spent much time this year getting it setup to read from a configuration file and if I could get help with that, I would appreciate it.


Dart is actually one of my favorite languages! I don't get very many chances to write it as much as I do other languages.

If you have specific problems you'd like to implement or solutions you would like to have reviewed I wouldn't mind helping!


Wiki Education Dashboard is a Rails and React app for helping to organize Wikipedia editing projects (like Edit-a-thons for new users, university class assignments where students improve Wikipedia instead of writing term papers, and other events aimed at helping newcomers get started effectively on Wikipedia).

There's a wide variety of things that we'd love help with. Help with improving our javascript build and shrinking the bundle size would be especially useful; we're stuck trying to move from gulp+webpack to webpack+webpacker.


I have been serving the Particle Community by providing po-util for over two years.

po-util is an excellent CLI tool for Mac and Linux that facilitates local Particle development, allowing you to compile your projects on your own computer, instead of in the Particle Cloud. It also automates many processes like uploading compiled firmware over USB, project management, and library management.

I wrote an article about po-util a while ago here on dev.to as well.

Since then, I've been rebranding po-util to po and I've created a version that is Refactored, Modular, and Cross-Compatible, allowing me to reduce development time and create a universal modular script.

Anyone who is interested in embedded development, bash scripting, Homebrew, or Particle is invited to take a look at po. Even if you can't contribute, stars are appreciated.


I'm a core contributor on Excalibur.js, a TypeScript-based 2D game engine. There are 4 members of the core team and we've worked on this for the past 5-6 years now--we build games with it for fun, have a transparent roadmap, and do it on the side in our (increasingly) spare time. We spend a lot of time on code quality, API documentation, and automation to make it easy to contribute.

We've started to get a lot more external contributors in the past year, so if you're interested we have tagged first-timer issues you could jump in on. We welcome any contributions: typos, fixes, and even big enhancements (though talk to us on the issue first!).



I am the primary maintainer and owner of XerProjects organization - github.com/XerProjects - and I'm currently looking for contributors to help me out. :)

@ XerProjects, we're building software stacks to help build systems with DDD, CQRS, or Event Sourcing patterns.

Let's get in touch! :)


Fetcher is webapp to generate HTTP requests written in vue js. I want to provide support for all the languages and technologies which have networking capabilties. currently this is in beta. check this for working demo.


I've got a toy project in C# - yet another music server. I'd love someone else to read the code and tell me if it's completely crazy.

One flaw would be that I don't really have a design, just a list of TODOs and a vague idea of where I'd like it to end up (being able to act as a server for an Ampache or Subsonic client)



I know of two projects that need open source developers.

The Qub³D Engine Group is a brand new open source project that is building a cohesive, moddable, voxel-based game (similar to Minecraft), with a friendly community. They are using C++, OpenGL, Lua, and YAML, and are in the early stages of building. (I'm an advisor.)

More information can be found at their official website (pardon the dust, it's under construction). Development work takes place on their Phabricator, and chat via Discord. Links for both are on their website.

My own company, MousePaw Media, is looking for open source contributors to assist with three major projects:

  • Anari: An open source vector-based animation engine, which will be used as the backbone of a new game engine. (C++) We're also building the corresponding animation studio software, Lightrift (Python).

  • PawLIB: A collection of innovative C++ development tools, including...

    • Goldilocks: a testing and benchmarking library
    • Blueshell: a customizable, cross-platform shell to aid developers in rapidly spinning up an interactive CLI interface.
    • Flex: a collection of high-efficiency, control-oriented data structures
    • IOChannel: an output (and possibly input) stream control class, with advanced formatting and data handling tools

  • Ratscript: an interpreted programming language aimed at game developers and designers, in which we're exploring some new syntactical ideas and (later) development paradigms. Ratscript is being built for our new game engine. Development on this will restart later this spring, if all goes well. (C++/Python)

More information about our open source work can be found at mousepawmedia.com/developers. Also, please consider emailing us at developers (at) mousepawmedia (dot) com to indicate your interest, so we can schedule collaboration.


I've got a little DigitalOcean library that I've been slowly working on. There's a few services that are as of yet unimplemented, and I love contributions! :) You can check out the Help Welcome Issues if you want to contribute! It's a TypeScript library.


This is great!!! I asked a friend a similar question yesterday and I saw this now. Keep up the good work Ben.


My side project: make the visible behavior of your code self-documenting, without code comments.
Benefits: impacts of changing requirements can be assessed easily, and you avoid maintenance nightmares in the future.

requirements as code

I am looking for people who want to try it out in practice, and for contributors. Any questions welcome.


Love this idea. I am not currently looking for help on any particular open source projects. However, I am up for helping folks out with others. If you got a project that is using AWS, C#, Java, or GO and you need some help, point me at a ticket.


Pymox ((github.com/ivancrneto/pymox) started as a mirror of the not maintained anymore (github.com/glasser/pymox) and I was playing with it to learn a bit more of Python and testing. Now it's getting bigger and I make it work with Python 2 and 3.

I need some help with improving it and making it more robust, improve its docs (pymox.rtfd.io/). Since it's a pretty nick Python mock lib I want to keep work on it and any help is welcome!


RestSharp has more than 100 open issues but not many PRs. This library has been downloaded millions of times. Come and help!


I've recently just joined github.com/glennflanagan/react-col... as a contributer and as Glenn doesn't have enough time to manage it all. See the issue here: github.com/glennflanagan/react-col...


This is fantastic! 🦄


I'm in dire need of help in maintaining github.com/FidelityInternational/W...


XestiMonitors - an extensible monitoring framework written in swift for iOS/tvOS/OS X/watchOS github.com/eBardX/XestiMonitors

All skill levels are welcome


I just started developing my first open-source project and it is a vue-boilerplate.


I made this a few years ago, might do the trick



Fantastic! I was really looking for a post like this! Thank you so much Ben and yes please, make this a weekly thread 😄