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Prasham Ashesh
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Day 4 - "dayofcovid" Sad and Crazy Covid situation :(

I am a resident of India, and the covid situation is crazy here, as it is around the world. Hospitals are out of bed, crematoriums are outmanned and running low on resources.

My family too was hit we had our first symptoms around 6th or 7th April, even though it was just my RT-PCR test that turned out to be positive, out of the four of us. I had to wait for ~5hours just to get my sample collected on 10th April. I knew then the situation is grim and the situation had just started to get worse.

Check out :-

I was lucky to have endured through it without loss of taste or smell, which made it slightly bearable for us, and thankfully we didn't have to get anyone of us hospitalized.
But other families around us, and across India were not as lucky.
Hospitals have run out of bed People are travelling hundreds of kilometres just to get their loved ones adequate medical attention. Worst hit are those who have had to helplessly watch their loved ones die in front of them.

As of writing this article, the death toll stands at 180,550 and covid cases 15,321,089. Source
Covid stats

I personally know ~10+ families that are going through these difficult times. In the last 2 weeks, I have heard of 5 deaths, of family friends and relatives. These are not normal times, the second wave has had a serious impact. If you have not been monitoring the situation, I urge you to do so.

Yesterday, my 100daysofcode challenge was abrupted because I spent my whole day connecting with friends and family members worried it might be the last I hear of them or from them 😟

As developers, most of us are blessed to have the ability to work in the safety of our homes and keep our families safe. I appeal to you all to make the best out of it. Whatever your stand on remote work might be understand that these are troubled times and that working from home is a necessity, and I mean work from "home" not work from "beach" etc.

I don't know how the future of remote work, crypto, pharma or travel industry might turn up to be, but I know one thing for sure none of us would enjoy a future without our closed ones, or would want to be part of the future where we were directly or indirectly responsible for the death/suffering of our loved ones.

Consider yourself lucky to be reading this, thousands are dead, other thousand are in shock. You don't want to be +1. Covid is a shitty disease it screws up in unimaginable ways.

Stay indoors, be responsible. 🙏
Wear your mask as if they were the oxygen masks because there are none available at the hospitals. Wear it as if your life depends on it. 😷

Please share your experiences of these horrid times, so that if my appeal fails to convince. Hopefully, some of your experiences or comments might make people realize the depth of the situation at hand. 🙏

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Our thoughts are with you and everyone over there, much love from all of us in the UK!

(P.s. the irony after the conversation we were just having about niceness is not lost on me, but this truly is a heart felt message and I hope you get it under control soon!)

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Prasham Ashesh Author

Thanks a lot, I truly hope we all recover from this situation. 🙏💐
Every time the phone rings I skip a beat. Covid is truly a shitty disease stay safe 😷😷

Hehe, this might be the nicest post I ever put out on the internet but it surely isn't the most liked post published by me.
This a "Developer" Community, and it stands true to its name, as it should. 😊