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Have an office.

My office is in my basement (go 🇨🇦) and when I come upstairs at the end of the day that's it. I also have 2 laptops as mentioned. Work laptop stays in the basement, other laptop stays upstairs.

Having separate physical spaces seems to help.

Something a client of mine did was walk around the block after work. Once the lap was done, work day was over.

I live in NYC where space is tight, so a separate office at home is tough — but I'll definitely be using the "walk around the block" trick.

The most redeeming part of my commute is the walk + podcast time + fresh air, so I can replicate that in a similar manner at the end of the day.


Given that the ‘separate space’ approach is impractical for you, what a about changing what you wear or even which cup you drink from? As long as there is some clear separation somewhere, it might be enough for your subconscious to get the picture.

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