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Hi guys, I was having trouble sorting manual data for custom data present in column like A, A++ , A+, A-- , A-. The Jquery plugin for this one I am using is- datatables.net . Currently the sorting is working fine for conventional datatypes such as Int - 1,2 3,4,5 Char- A, B, C, D. Does anyone know how to make it work on manual data as well?

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Thanks @rhymes & Ben.
After lots of research, I came across:

and used it like this:

//sorting for grades
    $(function() {
        id: 'grades',
        is: function() {
          return false; // do not auto-detect this parser
        format: function(s) {
          var grades = ['A++','A+','A','B++','B+','B','C++','C+','C','A--','A-','B--','B-','C--','C-','NA'],
            index = grades.indexOf(s.toUpperCase());
          return index > -1 ? index : s;
        type: 'numeric'
      $('#datatable').tablesorter({ headers: { 6: {sorter:"grades"} } });

Table is now getting sorted as expected :)


What if you create a custom plugin for sorting?

According to datatables.net/reference/option/co... sorting is done on a few predefined types BUT:

It is expected that the above options will cover the majority of data types used with DataTables, however, data is flexible and comes in many forms, so additional types with different effects can be added through the use of plug-ins. This provides the ability to sort almost any data format imaginable!

There's an example on how to create custom sorting here: datatables.net/examples/plug-ins/s...


That's an interesting problem. Maybe modify the plugin to translate the input before it computes the sort? If it replaced, for example, "+" with "A" and "-" with "B" before computing the sort it would work, right?

I'm not sure this is the cleanest way to go about it but it's what comes to mind. It wouldn't be too tough to pop into the code and insert a .replace() in.


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