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What's new in Apache JMeter 5.2?


Apache has released it's newer version of JMeter yesterday called JMeter 5.2. It comes with loads of features, bug fixes, enhancements and many more.

What's new in Apache JMeter 5.2?

New Protocol

  • Now JMeter will support bolt protocol to test the cypher queries for Neo4j. All you need is to add the Bolt Configuration and Bolt Request to your test plan. But bolt implementation comes with limitations.

JMESPath Extractor

  • Working with JSON response now its simpler. Thanks to JMESPath. JMeter now supports JMESPath in the Post Processor element group.

JDBC Enhancements

  • Now you can Pre-Init the JDBC Initializer by setting the flag. Also, you can specify how many rows you would like to fetch in the JDBC Request.


  • You can write text to the file using StringtoFile() function. It will come handy to write some log info the file. It supports append too.

JAR file updates

Below JARs got updated.

Updated to httpclient/httpmime 4.5.10 (from 4.5.7)
Updated to dnsjava 2.1.9 (from 2.1.8)
Updated to jsoup 1.12.1 (from 1.11.3)
Updated to rsyntaxtextarea 3.0.4 (from 3.0.2)
Updated to caffeine 2.8.0 (from 2.6.2)
Updated to commons-codec 1.13 (from 1.11)
Updated to commons-lang3 3.9 (from 3.8.1)
Updated to commons-pool 2.7 (from 2.6)
Updated to commons-text 1.8 (from 1.6)
Updated to freemarker 2.3.29 (from 2.3.28)
Updated to httpcore/httpcore-nio 4.12 (from 4.11)
Updated to jodd 5.0.13 (from 5.0.6)
Updated to log4j 2.12.1 (from 2.11.1)
Updated to ph-commons 9.3.7 (from 9.2.1)
Updated to ph-css 6.2.0 (from 6.1.1)
Updated to Mozilla Rhino 1.7.11 (from 1.7.10)
Updated to Saxon-HE 9.9.1-5 (from 9.9.1-1)
Updated to slf4j 1.7.28 (from 1.7.25)
Updated to tika-core and tika-parsers 1.22 (from 1.21)
Updated jackson-annotations, jackson-core and jackson-databind to 2.9.10 (from 2.9.8)

HTTP Samplers

  • Lots of bug fixes in the HTTP samplers. In the HTTPS Test Script Recorder, the transactions/request numbers will be appended at the end.

Above are just the glimpse, you can head to this page for more details.

I publish more often at my blog QAInsights.

You can find my YouTube video below.

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