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Trending ML repos of the week 📈

Hello everyone 👋 and welcome to #TrendingTuesday. Every Tuesday we'll post a list of trending GitHub repos in a cool and interesting topic.

There's lots of chatter around #ChatGPT, so this week we're bringing you a list of the fastest-growing ML repos on GitHub.

🔟 dair-ai/ML-Papers-Explained

In place number 10 we have repo that indexes some of the most important ML and NLP papers with pointers to open articles and blogposts that deconstruct them in a way that most developers can understand. Have a look if you want to gain a deeper understanding of the main technology behind today's most famous chatbot.

9️⃣ ahmedbahaaeldin/From-0-to-Research-Scientist-resources-guide

Next, in place number 9, we have another great educational repo that traces the learning journey to follow in order to become a research scientist. This guide is targeted to developers with basic programming or CS knowledge, but very motivated in deep learning or NLP research.

8️⃣ jerryjliu/gpt_index

In number 8 we have a GPT-related repo that is targeted to practitioners and ML engineers. GPT-Index consists of a set of data structures designed to make it easier to use large external knowledge bases with LLMs.

7️⃣ mage-ai/mage-ai

Mage-ai falls in the ML/data/infra category and claims to be the modern replacement for Airflow, a very popular open source workflow platform for data engineering pipelines. With 3.3k stars and 21 contributors, it's worth checking it out!

6️⃣ karpathy/nn-zero-to-hero

This is a relatively new repo by Andrej Karpathy who was formerly Director of AI at Tesla. The repo contains a series of YouTube videos where viewers code and train neural network. It's really cool to see two "zero-to-hero" type of repos in a single week. Jupyter notebooks are included in the box.

5️⃣ laion-ai/Open-Assistant

Place number five is an amazing project that envisions to replace ChatGPT by creating a personal assistant able to write emails, cover letters, use APIs, and much more. It's a really ambitious project that is also quickly onboarding new contributors. If you have some ML experience and you want to get your hands dirty by contributing to a new project, this might be a good place to start.

4️⃣ lencx/ChatGPT

In place number four we have a very sleek app to interface with ChatGPT from the comfort of your desktop. The project was built in Rust 👌

3️⃣ google-research/tuning_playbook

The third most starred repo was created by researchers at Google Brain and Harvard University, who created a playbook for tuning neural networks. This repo is helping ML practitioners get on top of the tuning process by sharing good tricks and best-practices from one of the best AI labs in the world.

2️⃣ karpathy/nanoGPT

Spot number two is also by Andrej Karpathy 🤯. This is a repo designed to to train and finetune GPT networks. It is a less educational version of his previous repo karpathy/minGPT. It is definitely worth studying to really understand GPT networks.

1️⃣ f/awesome-chatgpt-prompts

The top place is for f/awesome-chatgpt-promts which is an #awesome list that collects prompt examples to use ChatGPT like a PRO. Courtesy of the developer who also snapped the “@f” username on GitHub

#TrendingTuesday was brought to you by the team at Quine.

Which topics would you like to see trending repos for? Let us know in the comments :)

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