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[HIRING] Senior Core Java Developer

Your role as a Senior Core Developer

You will be responsible for the design, documentation, implementation and testing of software within the Radix Core development team. Additionally responsible for maintaining and improving Radix’ technical expertise by providing technical assistance and mentoring to other staff.

Key Responsibilities

-Undertake software design and development activities as part of a project team

-Provide expert technical assistance and mentoring to staff

-Review work to ensure completion criteria are met

-Undertake tasks within agreed time-frame

-Assist sales and marketing by providing design concepts and cost estimates

-Ensure technical capabilities, systems, process and facilities for the discipline are maintained or improved where required

-Assist in assessing the performance of staff that have undertaken activities under their direct supervision

Professional Competencies

-An extensive knowledge of Java and associated tooling

-Knowledge of software design methodologies

-Knowledge of cryptography and cryptographic primitives

-Knowledge of IP-based networking protocols

-Experience with multithreaded software design and implementation

-Experience with the development of high-performance Java applications

-Experience analysing requirements and developing software designs that meet requirements

-Experience with configuration management and defect tracking tools

-Experience unit testing software

-Experience system testing software

-A working knowledge of distributed systems

Social Competencies



-Adaptability and flexibility

-Communication skills

-Self-development and reflection

-Interpersonal and intercultural sensitivity

Education Required

Tertiary qualifications in Computer Science or equivalent.

Professional Experience Required

Minimum 5 years demonstrated industry experience in the development of software systems and components.

Apply here:

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Michael Tharrington

Hey there!

Be sure to check out this new page - ... this feature just released and allows you the ability to post a job listing amongst other things!

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Michael, we had no idea about this page!

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Michael Tharrington

No worries at all! It's brand new. πŸ˜€