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Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere (POSSE)

rahulbanerjee99 profile image Rahul Banerjee ・1 min read

I was planning on posting articles on my WordPress blog and cross-posting on Hashnode, and Medium with canonical URLs? Is this a good idea?

I am not exactly sure how canonical URLs work. I have used Medium's 'Import Story' feature a few times. Although my medium articles have canonical URLs referring to my WordPress blog, upon searching on Google my medium articles are ranked higher than my original articles.

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Jordan Finneran

Yeah this is a good idea! A canonical URL tells search engines which is the master copy of in this case a blog 😊

I've started doing that for my own.
I have my website
Which then is cross posted to and to medium also.

All you see on the other sites is something along the lines of "Originally posted on X"

rahulbanerjee99 profile image
Rahul Banerjee Author

Thanks! I am also planning on doing that.