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Mind of every beginners!!! (front-end developer)

In This 21st Century, the coding skill is the best skill which have been developing day by day, specially concerned about every beginners who ever is facing a big problems about programming are as follows.....
✔ which programming language i should learn first?
✔ will be i am able to attain the specific goals?
✔ which resources i should persue to become a front-end developer?
✔ should i invest my money in taking courses?
✔ how much time it will be take... too become a developer?
✔ will i get job or not..?

and question in your mind goes on......🤔😥

after these question are going in your mind, then you feel being depressed....
On the other hand, there are some experienced developer in the social media's who just shows off ✌✌to make us more feeling motivates or depressed(based on the situation arise on us).

so guys,
finding a solution,above these things is...

Read carefully,
Before you questioning your mind did u even..try to do it..?
bro I know that, it takes more time to study it and attain that specific goal and makes feel bored. it doesn't matter....
look guys, i am a beginner for this particular field NOW and i am not taking any online buying courses. i am watching youtube videos(such as Traversy media, freecodecamp.org) to study and for documentation reference i goes for (mdn.docs) and for practicing my knowledge(HackerRank, CodeFights(FOR JS)).THESE ARE FREE RESOURCES. it is best pill that i take now for studying..😂👌
and try maximum to be happy mahnnn...and stay healthy.....
it takes timeeee... be patience..
No worrying about problems as mentioned above. if you lose to get any jobs, just be yourself there are lots of companies who can hire you or you can even build your own startup company and guys try to travel more and more...(due to covid-19 lockdowns). i don't know what to say.....
And try to strong your basics in HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT. learn the basics first how they should use in while writing a code. Don't try to learn by-heart. learn like how it is useful to us...

so guys,please excuse me if you feel bored 🥱 or didn't understand my any of sentence 🤯 or please mind my grammar..😁,i am sorry for that..😅
In this DEV community, if any beginners get information from my post..😄, I WILL BE HAPPY.


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Hii,myself Rahul Kumar Yadav and i am 19 years old.


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