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Rakesh S Nakrani
Rakesh S Nakrani

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Introducing Berry React - Material Design Admin Template

I’m pleased to announce our brand new product in the season of spring. Berry - The complete React Admin Template package for making beautiful web applications faster.

Crafting a Dashboard Template is not a small task, each aspect needs to be carefully designed & developed. There are hundreds of pages, components, 3’rd party plugins & lots of external factors like browser compatibility, cross-device testing, etc, and each of these needs attention in detail.

Pain Points

Knowing about your user needs is the key thing before launching any great product.

I have been developing Dashboards for 7 years & seen hundreds of templates and found the most common issues in major templates like inconsistent UI, lack of performance, outdated code, missing components, incomplete documentation, no knowledge base, buggy code without any standard, support issues, etc. Here, at CodedThemes we are seriously considering these issues & putting a positive effort to resolve them through the entire Berry project.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce end-user efforts by catering above pain points. We have created new features, app pages, plugin integration which makes Berry unique in the crowd. It is always updated for our beloved users with the latest technologies & trends. While designing the Berry, we are always committed to quality work with high code standards & UI design.

The team behind Berry Project
Alt Text

We adopt the mantra “Small team, big dream” and keep our team small and agile.

Berry is managed by the team CodedThemes. We believe that effective communication is the key to building a great product as a team. Berry is carefully designed by our team for you to be our customer forever. Berry is developed while we all work from home which proves that we are a great team.

Why Berry Dashboard Template?

Berry is a complete package for your end-to-end solution. We are considering it as a long-run product with continuous development with plenty of features and ready-to-use components. Berry v1.0 brings everything you need for dashboard development. We have added the following high-end features in the initial release.

  • Modern aesthetics UI design
  • Quick Start with Skeleton version
  • Hundreds of UI components & Elements
  • Apps & Pre-build useful pages
  • Fully Responsive, all modern browser supported
  • Easy to use code structure
  • Flexible & High-Performance code
  • Easy Documentation Guide

V1.0 Key Features Highlight

Following are features that make Berry a top-class React Material Dashboard Template.

  • 100+ Ready to use pages
  • Built with Material-UI v5 components library to achieve the best Material Design experience in React Dashboard Template.
  • Figma design files
  • Authentication Methods - Auth0, Firebase, JWT
  • Built with React Hooks API
  • Easy to Folder Structure
  • Redux & React Context API as State Manager
  • React Router for Navigation Routing
  • Axios
  • Create React App
  • Code Splitting
  • Dark / Light Mode
  • Live customizer - Font Selection & other Layout options
  • CSS-in-JS where CSS is composed using JavaScript instead of defined in external files
  • Multi-Language Support
  • LTR / RTL (Right to Left) Mode


Download Free & Pro Berry React version using the following links.

Next Plan

Considering Berry a long-run project we are continuously make effort to make Berry a really high-end react dashboard template involving the following activities for future plans.

  • Knowledge Base for more easiness for users
  • Video tutorial series - Guided Installation videos, detailed setup process that makes less burden to work with Berry
  • Roadmap for future releases
  • Focus on detailing the Documentation
  • & lots more to come

Summer up

To summer up this post, This post gives the context idea of the Berry Project. I'll share you more detailed post once we launch the product.

I would like to know your feedback/suggestions on our upcoming product Berry. You can comment here or contact us via social handles. I'm happy to serve you well.

Social Handles

Website -
Github - Berry Free React Admin Template
Blog -
Facebook -
Twitter -

Many Thanks

I'm very grateful to Olivier co-founder at Material-UI for his help in creating Berry. On the other ends, I'm very thankful for team @codedthemes to give tremendous effort to this project.

Top comments (11)

dealloc profile image
Wannes Gennar

Couple things that I noticed when I checked out the website, first you're not (yet) using HTTPS. You can easily get a free certificate with Let's Encrypt.
Second, the slideshow of images seems to load the image the first time it's shown, leading to the effect of the images loading in whenever they appeared the first cycle.
You might want to shrink the images or have the preload in the background.

rakesh_nakrani profile image
Rakesh S Nakrani • Edited

Sure. SSL is my top priority to set up. Also, I'll be going to make improvements to the slider. Thank's for your support.

sm0ke profile image

Good luck! 🚀

rakesh_nakrani profile image
Rakesh S Nakrani

Thanks for your kind words

lucaargentieri profile image
Luca Argentieri

Good luck guys, can't wait to try it

rakesh_nakrani profile image
Rakesh S Nakrani

That's awesome. Stay connected :)

cgitosh profile image
Clement Gitonga

I'm a beginner in React JS and I chose Berry because it seems straight forward enough and uses all the tech stack that I am using. I got stuck somewhere and I hope you can assist (I know you have this in the Pro version but I'm not yet at the stage of buying, hopefully soon) I need to control who has access to the dashboard, how do I implement the AuthGuard/Protect my urls such that only authenticated users have access to the Dashboard? I guess this ties in with token refresh when it expires.

jcdea profile image

You should add https to the website, just saying

rakesh_nakrani profile image
Rakesh S Nakrani • Edited

Sure...thanks for your suggestion. I've added the SSL

austinblade profile image
Austin Blade

Very cool! What do you use for your graphs?

rakesh_nakrani profile image
Rakesh S Nakrani

We are using - Apexcharts