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Rakesh S Nakrani
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It's out now - Berry Free React Admin Template

It's finally here. Berry open-source react admin template is available to download.

If you don't know about Berry - Here is my post on Everything about Berry. This product is minimal yet beautiful for your next React backend project.

Berry is managed by team @codedthemes

We have made lots of design Iteration and usability testing to overcome the customer’s pain points. Our customer-first approach gives us the motivation towards the Berry journey. You feel amazed after seeing the Berry User Interface.

It is build using Material-UI a top-rated Material design React component library. For newcomers React is an open-source library, the most popular at this moment which actively supported by Facebook.

Table of contents

Why Berry?

Berry brings everything you need for dashboard development. We have added the following features in the initial release.

  • Modern aesthetics UI design
  • Material-UI components
  • Fully Responsive, all modern browser supported
  • Easy to use code structure
  • Flexible & High-Performance code
  • Easy Documentation Guide


GitHub logo codedthemes / berry-free-react-admin-template

Berry free react material-ui admin template for easing and faster web development.

Berry Free React Material UI Admin Template Tweet

License: MIT Price GitHub package version

Berry is a free Material UI admin dashboard template built with React. It is meant to provide the best possible User Experience with highly customizable feature-rich pages. It is a complete Dashboard Template that has easy and intuitive responsive design whether it is viewed on retina screens or laptops.

Do not forget to star (Top right of this page) it if you like the theme


Pro version of Berry react template contains features like TypeScript, Next.js Seed versions, Apps, Authentication Methods (i.e. JWT, Auth0, Firebase), Advance Components, Form Plugins, Layouts, Widgets, and many more.

Berry Free Berry
9 Demo pages 45+ demo pages
- ✓ Multi-language
- ✓ Dark/Light Mode 🌓
- ✓ TypeScript version
- ✓ Design files (Figma)
- ✓ 6+ color Options
- ✓ RTL
- ✓ JWT, Firebase, Auth0 authentications
- More

Free Version

Pro version

Getting Started

Clone from GitHub
git clone


Berry documentation helps you out in all aspects from installation to deployment.

Technology Stack

  • Material-UI Component library.
  • Built with React Hooks API.
  • Redux & React Context API for State Management.
  • React Router for Navigation Routing.
  • Support of react-script.
  • Code Splitting.
  • CSS-in-JS where CSS is composed using JavaScript instead of defined in external files.


Please generate a GitHub issue if you found a bug in any version. We love to resolve any issue.


Free version cover under MIT

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