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Regarding indenting with two spaces, is that so others can’t customize the indentation for a wider monitor, or because you like pressing backspace twice instead of once? Do you also double space your code? I prefer to use the Medium Mathematical Space character for indents, which is easy to type using ALT+205F


Wait, you prefer to use something that is neither a tab nor a space for indentation? And you consider typing 4 characters to be simpler than typing space twice (or tab once, if you have vscode set up right)?

I find it challenging to believe this is your actual practice.


There's a preference to enable tabstops. It removes indentation with a single backspace.


I think that is an unnecessarily dismissive comment.


Hey, we consider this comment to be unproductive. Please consider a more constructive and considerate approach next time. You can consult the code of conduct for further clarification.


I actually type in tabs, but use my text editor to convert to spaces!

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