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Discussion on: The 5 Things That Helped Me Escape Tutorial hell.

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Raphael Jambalos

Hi Sameer, I agree with your points. Tutorial hell is very real and can be a bottomless pit if you let it. For me, the best way to get out of tutorial hell is to design your own hands-on based on the concepts you have learned. Then, once you have achieved that, trying to think of ways to make it harder. You're going to be stuck a bit and you'll eventually have to research something you haven't encountered. Once you conquered that challenge, think of ways to add another feature to make it harder... and so on....

There's a term for this coined by the psychologist Mihali Csikszentmihalyi. It's called flow. It is a state where we forget about our surroundings for a moment and just focus on the task at hand. The task must not be too easy (or it will bore us) and it must not be too hard (or it will make us give up). It must have clear rules and way of feedback (the incremental coding challenge is clearly quantifiable: either you achieved that feature or not).

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Sameer Katija Author

Raphael, You have mentioned such an amazing thing, with this said i guess so this post is complete now.

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