I'm learning typescript, what do I need to know?

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Next semester in uni we're focussing on web dev, and very heavily on typescript. So I'm getting myself a headstart and begging to learn it now. I've been learning the core basics through lynda.com but I know for sure there is more I'm going to need to know that what this online course will provide me.

So what are some good things to learn, research, test with etc

(I also have a JavaScript background already)

Anything posted is much appreciated.

Thank you <3 Happy deving!


In my experience typescript was quite easy to learn after having used C++ and JavaScript. Typescript doesn't force you to do things it's way so I found it easy to pick up gradually. For me, interfaces have been the most useful feature (after static typing) just because I'm used to writing code like that.


The biggest gotcha for me was the module loading patterns available in TypeScript. When I first started using it, it resolved modules using one pattern. The last time I poked my head into TypeScript, it was using another all together. Read about UMD/AMD/etc.


My intro to TypeScript article explains the benefits, has examples of high profile projects using it, who to follow, books and online resources.

As well, follow the #typescript tag on dev.to.

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