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My goals for the HNGi8 Internship

Here comes another edition of the hng internship []. This will be be my second internship in two years, having participated in the last year, hngi7 edition. I've set a goal for myself for the 8-week remote internship.

This article is my submission for the stage one task, stating my objective at the end of the internship.

At the end of the internship, I wish to become a better communicator and improve my team-work ability.

I've been a developer for close to two years, and the hgni7 internship was part of my grooming process. The internship is a key part of my learning process, introducing me to "tech community" and valuable resources. Over the years as a developer, I've come to realize being a good 'coder' isn't always enough to thrive in the tech ecosystem. To become a successful developer, you need to be an excellent communicator, one who can express himself clearly.

As such, I wish to work on my communication skills, and on my social skills in general. I hope to be able to manage a team of developers and deliver a task/project.

Check this figma tutorial,, if you are just getting started as a designer.

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