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Patricia Joanne

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Classification of Movie Reviews in IMDb

Machine Learning subject had two projects to do. The first one was for the midterm score and now I will explain the final project. As the title says, this project is about Classification of Movie Reviews in IMDb using Machine Learning's CNN Method. It's too long so I cut it for the title of this post.

To be honest, I didn't really help much in this project development. I already gave up. I didn't have any clue about Tensorflow shits. At first, I wanted to use the Rotten Tomatoes data since I found a good source code from Github but because my teammates Kevin and Iyon didn't understand how to operate python and other requirements needed, we changed into IMDb data and used Google CoLab as the compiler. This had been explained in Tensorflow Tutorial so it wasn't hard for us. So please check the README document if you want to reuse my project. Here's the Github repository link by the way.

Well I'm glad everything's okay with the program not like the midterm one. We were already messed up for the midterm score so we wanted to give our best in this final project. I was perfecting the paper while Kevin and Iyon focused on the program development. Thanks to Faizin too who helped us to compile the program.

There's nothing to say anymore about this project LOL sorry. Ah yeah I just realise this is the last project in my college life. I will face the thesis project now.

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