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Discussion on: Asynchronous Notifications in Postgres

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Over the years I saw too many people complicate their architecture before there was a need a for it, so my current approach nowadays is generally "simplest thing that can possibly work". It's way easier to add more layers/tech later than to rip out something that was added at the very beginning of a project.

Yeah, I'm definitely guilty of over engineering in the early days but I think I developed an enzyme that reacts everytime it gets in contact with over engineered stuff sounding an alarm :D

But I still try to keep an eye on the "future direction"

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Michael Kohl Author

I'm sure we've all been guilty of this at one point or another. I worked a lot with early stage startups, where this is extra important, because if you spend too much time on the wrong thing there is no future. That said, I also do keep the future direction in mind and generally outline the rationale for doing it the current way plus possible future alternatives in comments.

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