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Discussion on: Please stop using Ruby

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rhymes • Edited

A few points:

  • Rails is adapting to this world that just doesn't ony "shuffle data back and forth" (integrating webpack, adding websocket support). Also stimulus.js by Basecamp goes into that direction

  • Ruby is getting better and better (well it would be funny if it got worse :D): there's talk of adding JIT compilation, guilds (sort of isolated processes in user space) and type decoration

Maybe it won't innovate fast enough and lose developers (it happens to every technology I guess) but there's a valid argument for it you didn't make: there are still tons of Rails jobs :-)

Rails (and Django) are turning into "boring technologies", which is not inherently bad :-)

I'm more optimistic about their future.

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James Harton Author

This is really great to hear and I am forced to admit that I stopped following along with changes to Ruby a few years ago.

I also agree that "boring" is exactly what you want in production. But boring and slow?

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"Fast enough". This is a really good article from an expert in Ruby and Rails: Is Ruby Too Slow For Web-Scale?

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Ben Halpern

My sense of parcel anxiety from yesterday is eased big time from leadership in the Rails community which does a great job of sniffing bullshit in web development and keeping things smooth.

This probably keeps me in Ruby more than anything else.

Although Rust and Elixir and others have a lot of former Rubyists leading the way in DX and pragmatism, as the post implies. Still, Rails makes me feel like I have some serious teammates in the game from small-to-medium-to-big organizations and lots in between. It's such a rock solid boring ecosystem.

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