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re: Agreed that "the pique devs interest" shouldn't be a deciding factor. That was just a side note. What you propose would be a rewrite or something...

Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean is it less invasive than TypeScript?

If the transition would be more gradual

They'd be the same in term of doing things gradually.

I read this post, largely agreed with it, but wanted to give this some thought.

I feel like my role needs to be that of allowing progress to happen while trying to re-enforce core values. My biggest opinion on frontend to this point has been to try to time the technology appropriately. I just haven't wanted to be on the front of too many waves even if they are great choices in and of themselves.

I'm probably down with this, and I feel like this could be a fairly community-led initiative. Me and the rest of the team just have to come up with a good shared understanding of the path forward.

We still have a whole bundle of JS that is definitely "legacy" at this point. So overdue to be made modern, so a pretty decent time to put some work into all of this, add better testing and make things more concrete on the frontend in general.

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