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Ritika Sarkar
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The Wait is Finally Over!!

In the beginning of October'20, I remember there was a huge rush to complete the hacktoberfest challenge and be eligible for prizes. Looking at the prizes even I wanted to participate and contribute. But the frenzy confused me and for a while I was unsure of which repositories to contribute in as some of them were being labelled as invalid by the staff.
So I gave up on it.
After about half a month, in which I completed an Azure cloud course, I opened my LinkedIn to find my friends sharing screenshots of them getting messages saying all their PRs were accepted and they were eligible for prizes. That was amazing news, but it kinda put me off as I felt left out but remembered I myself had given up. So it was game over.
Around 24th October, I received a mail from digitalocean saying we had time till 31st October to submit PRs which really boosted my morale. Thanks to their timely mail, I got back my enthusiasm to participate in this fest!
Thank you digitalocean and the hacktoberfest community for being so encouraging and kudos to all those people out there who created repos for others to contribute in. :)

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