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Why Choose Node.js for Web App Development in 2021?

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What exactly is Node.js?

Node.js cannot be considered to be a library or framework; however, it is a runtime environment that depends on chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that helps to apply JavaScript code. Node.js is selected by lots of companies and developers at present since it can support JavaScript and comes with innovative features.

Node.js can provide 2-way real-time interaction between the server-side and the client. In this way, the customer and the service provider get an equal share of the workload. Making use of Node.js for web app development service will be the proper choice in case you require a personalized solution having innovative and useful features.

Why Node.js should be selected to develop Web apps?

  1. Create real-time Web apps

This happens to be one significant reason for the developers who want to make the task of app development such as gaming as well as messenger apps an easy one. Node.js must make use of an event-based and non-blocking server for developing Web apps.

  1. Easily launch Web apps

It is possible to use Node.js for deploying Web apps, and effectively. In case this framework is used by the developers for developing Web apps, they will be able to test as well as complete all components of the web apps easily. This particular framework will prove to be more useful when it comes to PWA development. It will be possible for many tools to enhance the procedure of finalizing the web app for launch.

  1. Ensures the availability of developers

When it comes to web app development, it is a fact that JavaScript will be running on the desktops by utilizing electron and on mobile with the help of PhoneGap, Cordova, React Native, and so forth and on the server employing Node.js. This allows the front-end as well as backend developers to get hold of skillful developers.

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  1. SEO friendly

SEO is extremely important when it comes to the development of Web apps, and no company will want to lose out in the field of SEO at present. The backend rendering of Node.js provides enhanced visibility to the sites. Node.js helps to improve SEO strategies thanks to its high-end as well as high speed.

  1. Simple and easy hosting

You will come across lots of organizations who prefer Node.js for speeding up the launching of innovative features and facilities into Web apps. Node.js helps individuals involved in PaaS service, which lowers businesses to just one order.

  1. Affordable

Not much investment will be required for using Node.js for developing Web apps. According to research, less computing power will be used by those companies deciding to make use of Node.js for the development of web applications since Node.js happens to be faster as compared to other frameworks that minimize the cost of development by as much as 56%.

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The above-mentioned information is the reason which makes Node.js an effective option for the development of Web apps in 2021. Node.js will enable the developers and users to use Web apps to their full potential. Consequently, make it a point to talk to them regarding your requirements and budgets before you hire Node JS developers to enjoy a smooth process of web app development.

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